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Veri Realty™ Creating Buyer and Seller BUZZ in South Florida

The New Reality for Real Estate has set shop up in South Florida. Veri Realty part of  Veri Companies has opened the first office in Weston Florida and expects to expand throughout the US by 2019.The concept is simple and the idea is volume. Whether you are buying a new home or selling your current one, Veri Realty offers a flat fee program for both buyers and sellers. Here is how the programs work.  The company gives the buyers back the commission. Normally Real Estate Agents get up to 3% of the purchase price for commission.  Veri Realty gives that to you less there flat fee!  Now, that is real money!  You can choose to use it for the down payment, closing costs or new furniture. Why would you buy a home from anyone else, Says Veri Realty’s Bob Mallek, -Broker, Managing Partner. He also states that sellers benefit too. If you have a home to sell we will save you the commission by showing you how to sell your home yourself or we can even help you sell your home without paying a commission. With technology changing and the way we do business today across the internet real estate buying and selling habits are also changing.




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